Founded in June 2008 and based in Detroit, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan’s mission is to improve working conditions and opportunities for advancement for all Southeast Michigan restaurant workers. ROC-Michigan uses a unique, tri-pronged model to achieve systems-change that includes: (1) workplace justice campaigns to move restaurant companies that take the low-road to profitability; (2) promoting the high-road to profitability through partnerships with responsible employers and workforce development programs that move low-income workers into living wage jobs; and (3) participatory research and policy work that lift standards industry-wide


Mothering Justice

Mothering Justice is a statewide project dedicated to returning decision making power to the ones affected by these decisions the most. By empowering mothers to influence policy on behalf of themselves and their families, Mothering Justice hopes to change the future of families in Michigan for the better. For too long, mothers have been defined by others but, as a group, they have been left out of the conversation.


Building Movement Project – Detroit People’s Platform

The People’s Platform is a broad network of Detroit-based social justice organizations, activists, and residents committed to bringing about just transformation in politics, economics and social dynamics through popular education, celebration, and political activism. We use data, analysis, advocacy and community organizing to protect and increase participation in the democratic process and to demand that state and local decision makers consider race and economic justice in their planning, funding, and policymaking decisions.


The Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN)

MUUSJN is a statewide advocacy network of over 2,600 activists from 25 Michigan UU congregations and their allies that seeks to foster the worth and dignity of all people. The Network’s priority issues are: LGBTQ rights, water rights, racial justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, access to health care and immigration reform.


New Ezekiel Project

The New Ezekiel Project is an ecumenical, interracial congregation-centered grassroots organization that strives to build power to make real change in our community. We provide training, education, development and teach ‘ordinary’ people to be powerful leaders in Saginaw so they can impact the political, social, economic and environmental decisions that affect their lives.



The income disparity between the top and bottom 20 percent of Americans continues to grow. We need your help to realize the policy changes that will close this gap and improve the quality of life for all workers.

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