The Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan is a group of grassroots organizations engaged in leadership development and advocacy to build working-class power. Together, they advance social and racial equity, improving economic conditions for all people in Michigan.

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EJAM’s founding partner organizations are led by African American women and represent a diverse membership base including restaurant workers, mothers of color, workers of faith, and Detroit residents who want to have a voice in the city’s future.

Formed in the fall of 2013, EJAM is born out of a long tradition of community organizing. Hundreds-of-thousands of voters have joined us in the fight to increase the minimum wage, provide earned paid sick time for all workers, and require community benefit agreements when public monies and land are used to support corporate development.

Central to EJAM’s organizing is leadership development. The Michigan Economic Justice Fellowship is designed to improve leaders’ ability to fight for their communities while advancing racial justice.

By strategizing, planning, and working together, EJAM and its partners strengthen their ability to win on issues while continuing to build lasting relationships resulting in working-class power.


The income disparity between the top and bottom 20 percent of Americans continues to grow. We need your help to realize the policy changes that will close this gap and improve the quality of life for all workers.

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