2022 Fellowship Participants Agreement and Contract

Participant Agreement & Contract

The success of the 9-month Michigan Economic Justice Fellowship program relies on all participants to commit to full and active participation in both the online sessions and their practicum placements. The following agreement specifies what the programs expectations are. EJAM asks that all participants carefully review and sign this document, which outlines the expectations and responsibilities you are agreeing regarding your participation in this program.

As a participant of the Michigan Economic Justice Fellowship program, I agree to:
  • Attend and participate in the thirty (30) scheduled days of training. You will agree to contact the program director and your practicum manager via email if you need to be absent from any of the trainings or practicum activities.
  • Approach the EJAM fellowship program with an open mind, a willingness to learn and promise to extend myself to new ideas, concepts, and ways of thinking. Be open to advice and feedback from other program fellows, coaches and mentors and integrate their guidance with my own perspective, insights, and plans.
  • Create a dynamic, empowering community by supporting and providing feedback to other fellows, listening to their ideas and strategies, and offering constructive criticism. I will treat everyone in the program with the respect I expect them to give me.
  • Be accountable: attend the meetings I say I will attend and finish projects by the time they are due. If I am not able to attend a meeting or complete an assignment, I will communicate this in a timely fashion and recommit to a new date.
  • Respect the privacy of all other EJAM fellows and EJAM Staff.
  • Complete a minimum of forty (40) hours of practicum outside of training time in collaboration with their assigned organization.
  • Complete and fully participate in activities as defined by your LDP3 over the course of the fellowship.
In return for full participation as described above, Participant will receive $1,500.00 which shall be distributed in four payments.

The stipend payment schedule and deadlines for turning in your Leadership Development and Practicum Participation Plans are as follows:

Stipend Payment #1 - $250.00
  • Upon completion of all required documentation. Participants are encouraged to turn all documents in as early as possible. Documents include the following:
    1. Participant Contract/Agreement
    2. Release Form
    3. Confidentiality Form
    4. Pre-Program Survey
    5. LDP3 – Goal Overview Sheet
    6. Signed IRS W9 Form.
Stipend Payment #2 - $250.00
  • Upon completion of May – July sessions
  • Updated Leadership Development & Practicum Participation Plans should be submitted on or before July 17th.
Stipend Payment #3 - $500.00
  • Upon completion of August -September 11th Sessions
  • Updated Leadership Development & Practicum Participation Plans should be submitted on or before September 11th.
Stipend Payment #4 - $500.00
  • Upon completion of September 18th – December Sessions
  • Final Leadership Development & Practicum Participation Plans should be submitted on or before December 4th.
Please Note:
  • Required forms can be turned in via the via email at fellow@mieconomicjustice.or or via the EJAM Website at https://mieconomicjustice.org/ under the 2021 Fellowship Tab.
  • Please make sure to provide the address where your check should be mailed on your W9 forms.

Important Notice

Notwithstanding the payment schedule above, if Participant does not fulfill the participation requirements, the Director of Leadership Development and/or the Practicum Manager will notify Participant of his or her removal from the Fellowship Program effective immediately and will not be eligible for any further stipend payments.

I acknowledge that participation in the Fellowship Program is not a contract of employment and acceptance of the stipend does not create an express or implied contract of employment. A 1099 form will be provided after graduation.
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