Nathan Triplett commentary

Below is some commentary from Nathan Triplett, Staff Attorney for the Dem Caucus:

The Michigan Supreme Court heard oral argument this morning on the constitutionality of the adopt-and-amend scheme used by legislative Republicans to gut the Michigan One Fair Wage and MI Time to Care initiated laws during the 2018 lame duck session. The Michigan House Democrats have been fighting this unprecedented and unconstitutional usurpation of the People’s reserved power to initiate and enact legislation at every opportunity.

Sam Bagenstos did a tremendous job arguing on behalf of House Democratic Leader Christine Greig, House Democratic Floor Leader Yousef Rabhi, and 60 other Democratic legislators who signed our amicus brief. As did Mark Brewer on behalf of the initiated law proponents. It was a pleasure and a privilege working with both of them on this effort. All that remains is for the Court to act to vindicate the constitutional rights and economic interests of hardworking Michiganders. – Nathan Triplett