News from Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan

May 1, 2017

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Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan Calls for Better Economic Future for All

Call is in support of May Day strikers and all workers

DETROIT — Today, the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan (EJAM) echoed the call of activists and workers across the country for better jobs, higher wages, earned paid sick time and better working conditions. The call comes as Americans across the country are rising up not just in resistance, but also to lift up issues that matter to them and their families.

“On this day of action, we raise our voice in support of working families who are speaking up to demand that the labor of all people is treated with dignity, respect and equity,” said Danielle Atkinson, with Mothering Justice. “Working families deserve to have the ability to earn paid sick time when they need to use it and we support them today and stand with them every day. This type of policy is an important step toward an economy that works for everyone.”

Many workers across the nation are striking today to support immigrants, people of color, working women and all workers. Issues include immigrant rights, equal pay, workplace environments free from sexual harassment and One Fair Wage for all.

“Many pundits speak about the economy by only looking at the bottom line or the stock market ticker, but we believe that the true measurement is how workers are treated,” said Dr. Alicia Renee Farris, State Director of Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan. “Today, we stand with strikers and support the call for One Fair Wage and a more just and equitable economy for all workers.”