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December 6, 2016

Contact: Dessa Cosma,

Farm Workers Should Make Minimum Wage, Says Michigan Civil Rights Commission

Michigan’s minimum wage increase would help lift up farm workers

MICHIGAN — The Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan lauded a recommendation made Monday by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission that said farm workers should be included under Michigan’s minimum wage law, which is set to increase in January. Currently, Michigan’s minimum wage law does not protect farm workers.

EJAM partners believe that everyone in Michigan’s food industry from farm to table deserves to make a living wage.

“From the folks in the fields who pick our produce to the cooks and wait staff who prepare and serve our meals, everyone deserves to make a living wage and the Commission’s recommendation on Monday will give fuel to organizations like ours and others across Michigan to making it a reality,” said Dr. Alicia Renee Farris of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan (ROC-MI), a member of the Michigan Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan. “Farm workers are a vital part of our community and all of us depend on the work they do whether we know it or not. It’s inexcusable that laws as basic as the minimum wage law do not currently protect them — and other working people, such as some of those with disabilities — and they’re being taken advantage of, but we won’t stop working with our allies until there is justice for these working people and their families. Everyone who is willing to work deserves a living wage.”

The Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan is an alliance of grassroots organizations committed to building power in low-wage and working class communities. EJAM partners include ROC-MI, MOSES, Mothering Justice, and Detroit People’s Platform.