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June 18, 2015

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Bill to Lower Minimum Wage Taking Michigan in Wrong Direction

Senate Bill 250 would allow for a lower minimum wage for workers under 20 years old 

MICHIGAN —Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan advocates across Michigan, including leaders from Mothering Justice, MOSES, ROC-MI, and Detroit People’s Platform, are calling out a Senate Committee for reporting a bill that would allow employers to pay young adults a lower minimum wage. The bill, SB 250 sponsored by Senator Margaret O’Brien, was sent to the full Senate for consideration after a vote in the Senate Commerce Committee.

“This bill is just another in a long line of attacks against working people in Michigan,” said Dessa Cosma, executive director of the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan. “The Senate Commerce Committee has sent a clear message to the young people of our state that they are not respected. This is no way to attract and retain the young people Michigan needs to drive our economy forward.”

Action on SB 250 comes just days after passage of HB 4052, a bill that will limit the ability of local governments to raise the minimum wage or enact paid sick day laws. Both bills are supported by corporate special interest groups such as the Michigan Restaurant Association.

“Bills like these make it clear that Republican leadership in Lansing would rather work on behalf of well-connected lobbyists than work to improve the lives of those they represent,” Cosma continued. “Instead of listening to the lobbyists that swarm around their offices, those who voted for this pay cut should listen to the young people of Michigan who are working hard for their families and their futures.”


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