After EJAM’s anti-state intrusion press conference in front of the Michigan Restaurant Association (on their lobby day!),  Tony Trupiano interviews Kalamazoo County Commissioner and Mothering Justice Board Member, Stephanie Moore.                      

You can listen to the full interveiw here (begin at 1 hr, 34 min), but here are a few highlights from Commissioner Moore.

“We elect local officials to come to the policy making table to make decisions that are best for the people we serve at the local level… We need the work space to have that creativity to imagine this in ways that help everyone and then to have the folks come in at the state level and say ‘No, No, No, you can’t  you guys shouldn’t be able to do this to help your local communty’ is absurd and undemocratic… We have to be able to do what people have elected us to do. We are not up in Lansing tell them [the legislature] what to do.”

“When you take care of people they work harder…you stimulate the economy. Living Wage, access to benefits, healthcare wherever we can, and making sure that people, the businesses, understand that they have treat their employees with dignity and respect.”