May 5, 2015

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LANSING, Mich. – It’s a “mom’s day out” with a purpose as dozens of mothers will gather at the state capitol today to raise their voices about the issues facing women and families in Michigan.     

Danielle Atkinson, founding director with the group Mothering Justice, is the driving force behind the fourth annual “Mamas’ March.” She believes when it comes to setting the state on a course for success, it would be wise to remember the old adage, ‘mother knows best.’

“They are taking care of their children physically and providing for their needs that way, but they’re also the caregivers,” she says. “So we are every day in the fight and we know exactly what would lead to a better society and better communities to raise our families in.”

The moms plan to rally in the capitol rotunda at 10:30 a.m. before meeting with lawmakers to address issues including paid sick leave, income inequality, affordable child care and ways to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates.

Atkinson says she believes family issues won’t truly get the attention they deserve until the state has more moms in leadership positions.

“We know when you see it, you believe you can do it,” she says. “So this is just another opportunity to get moms at the decision-making table and hopefully looking at the possibility of running for office themselves.”

In 2013, the number of female lawmakers in Michigan dropped to its lowest point in 20 years, despite the fact more than half the state’s residents are women.

Mona Shand, Public News Service – MI