Detroiters Working to Keep Families in their Homes Pack Council Meeting

Almost one sixth of population could be kicked out of their homes                                                           

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News from The People’s Platform

DETROIT – Members of the Detroit People’s Platform were among those that packed a Detroit City Council meeting to support a resolution for a moratorium on home tax foreclosures in Detroit.  March 31 could mark the day that Detroit sets the record for the largest number of tax foreclosures in US History on a single day. About 100,000 people could be forced from their homes because of tax foreclosures from Wayne County. Families threatened with losing their homes because of their Wayne County tax bill were among many that spoke out at the Council meeting.

The Detroit People’s Platform turned in thousands of petition signatures from people calling for a moratorium on foreclosure. Platform members also read a People’s Resolution to Stop the Foreclosures that shared the demands of impacted residents, community groups and the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan (EJAM), Equitable Detroit Coalition (EDC), Storehouse of Hope, North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC), and the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.

“Detroit families have added keeping their homes to list of struggles people are facing every day such as water shut offs and poor public transportation,” said Linda Campbell of the Detroit People’s Platform. “It is essential that the Detroit City Council join with their constituents to hold this city together. We can’t tolerate thousands of hard working people becoming homeless.”

Those working to keep Wayne County tax foreclosures from creating yet another crisis in the city are asking for a moratorium on foreclosures to allow newly enacted safeguards to kick in. Council Member Castañeda-López put forth for a Council Resolution of the Foreclosure Crisis on Monday, March 24 and it is currently being prepared. Council will vote on the resolution this week.

“We have new tax laws that haven’t had time to work and we know property in Detroit has been over-assessed resulting in unfair tax bills,” said Aaron Handelsman of the Detroit People’s Platform. “It’s really only fair that the new laws and fair values be used before thousands are summarily ejected from their homes.”

Sign the petition to let the Wayne County Treasurer know that 100,000 Detroit residents need a place to call home!